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I recently did a 90 minute hybrid training session. Meechi is very knowledgeable and her energy creates a safe environment to find and explore your mind body connection. Her calm, soothing nature allows for guidance through mindfulness meditation, to respect where and what you are feeling in that present moment, without judgement. The ice and heat was an exceptional experience, as I feel i gained more self awareness into areas in my life that may need more attention. I came into session with much held tension and a lot of chatter in my mind. I left feeling lighter, more positive, and in a better mind set. She also taught me unique breathing techniques that I have already incorporated into my daily routine, I use this as a way to check in with myself and foster an environment of mind body connection. I will be continuing hybrid training on a regular basis. I would highly recommend working with Meechi.

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I’ve known and worked with Michelle for 4 years. She is an amazing healer and person. Her blend of physical training, yoga therapy, pilates, and breath-work will take your body and mind to new and improved places you may not have known possible. I’ve seen her do this with many others from all walks of life, including myself and can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is seeking an improved sustainable mind body experience. If you have the opportunity to give yourself this gift I assure you will not regret it and it may be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. I always leave her feeling better about myself, life, and the world in general. Thanks Michelle for all your help over the years, my mind and body could never thank you enough.

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I work remotely since C-19 & wrecked my shoulder from working in a non-ergonomic set-up for the first two years. At 63, I’ve learned I simply don’t bounce back like I use to and had become too sedentary. Fast forward to today, I’m so grateful to have Michelle’s guidance & motivation to help me heal from the pain and improve my physical form. She’s such a good listener & I appreciate that she doesn’t discount my concerns, no matter how small. When we’re together, Michelle uses many modalities such as yoga, meditation, physical exercise, ice baths, whirlpool & infrared sauna. Thank you Michelle; it’s a wonderful journey I intend to continue.


*Options for 60min or 90min sessions available 

(*Flow of session may vary dependent on your needs and goals):

1. Yoga Therapy (can include: yoga, weightlifting or pilates movement, breathwork and ayurveda education)
2. Infrared Sauna

3. Cold Exposure
4. Breath Work 

5. Meditation and Integration 

What is your warrior story?
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