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Michelle Wimberley aka Meechi

Hi! I am Michelle, my friends and family call me Meechi, I invite you too as well!
I am a momma, to the most creative little girl, and a wife, to an amazingly intelligent and handsome man!

On my free time I love learning spirituality and holistic self healing practices from around the world. I am currently learning and absorbing anything and everything about Ayurveda!

In elementary school I was diagnosed with beginning stages of scoliosis. I continued to live my life not paying any attention to the diagnosis. In high school, pain started to become a normal part of living. Thankfully, I fell in love with the sport of swimming, back stroke, freestyle and the IM were my JAM! Swimming helped decreased the pain and mental chatter so much that I soon began to invest all of my time practicing. I joined my high school swim team, an all year round swim team and my community swim team. The water was my meditation and my peaceful sanctuary. Every waking moment I was in the pool or working out. My parents were incredible, they were there for me; encouraging, cheering me on at practice and meets, traveling to out of state meets, dropping me off at practice in the wee early hours of the morning... I'm talking 4am -5am practices every weekday! My parents are so supportive, that's their super power. I excelled in the sport and I loved competing. I LOVED everything about swimming, especially the competition side, I fell in love with the rush of adrenaline right before a race and the connection you feel after a race that yo've won. I had found my identity in being an athlete. Over time, I believe, the continuous intensity became too much for my spine and the pain began to interfere with everything I did, especially swimming. At the end of my senior year of high school, we decided to have my entire thoracic spine fused. We knew it would not be an easy recovery but the promise of decreased pain and more alignment (which would help take pressure off my heart, lungs and other vital organs) was what gave me hope for my future. Since then, I have had 2 back surgeries to help balance structural alignment and chronic pain in my body (and my mind). I loved my physical therapist, she and I worked together for a year bringing my body and mind back online after so much trauma. With the help of an amazing team of physical therapists I was able to learn how to walk again, not once, but twice. Each time I was in pt, I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life. Our bodies are incredible and can adapt and overcome so much when we are guided with care and compassion. 

Diving into the realm of yoga therapy has added to my love of rehabilitation of the body, mind and spirit. My consistent practice of yoga, strength training, breath practice and ice exposure has given passion and vibrancy to my daily life. My passion is helping others find practices that allow them to connect back to feeling balance in their mind and body. 

I am a person in long term recovery and I practice and teach others the 8 limbs of yoga for recovery. I believe we all have things, behaviors, thought patterns, that we hold on to that are just no longer serving us, that are actually bringing us down in life. I feel when we begin to practice tools that help us tune inward to take notice of these patterns with self compassion and a non judgmental lens, we begin to become more self aware. With self awareness, consistent action and a support system we can choose to free ourselves from these old conditions that are hindering us from becoming our highest selves. This, to me, is the definition of Yoga.

I first began honing in on my craft and growing my passion for holistic wellness while teaching wellness education, mindful movement and yoga at a local drug and alcohol treatment facility in Angleton, Texas. I had the honor of developing and directing the wellness and activities department at Serenity Light Recovery. What an amazing place to experience such personal growth. 

I am eager to share the beauty and fruits of these techniques with others who are seeking to add a little more balance and peace to their life. I have studied in many holistic wellness disciplines, some being: 

Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

NASM Personal Training 

Group Fitness

Trauma Informed Group Yoga 

Breath Work 

Body Acceptance

Art Expressions 

Wellness Coaching

Sports Nutrition 

Thai Body 

Mindful Bodybuilding



Thai Yoga Massage 

Chair Massage 

STOTT Pilates

Functional Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety & Depression Resilience

Yoga for Neurological Disorders

Yoga for Cancer 

Yoga of Recovery 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Yoga for Grief 

The Chakras and Healing 

..and many more.

I have created this space with the intention to help students listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone; to learn and explore practices that help them show up to life as the best versions of themselves. To help humanity tap back into their super power, self love. 

One of my passions in life is teaching others practices that help them overcome physical and emotional pain. I am a person in long term recovery and also a survivor/ A THRIVER of multiple back surgeries. It is in walking through these traumas that I have found my truest self, my passions, my identity, and my confidence to show up everyday as a source of Light and hope in the world. I hope to be a part of your personal awakening story!

Our Online Wellness Studio has something for everyone, and at all levels.

To start your journey, please reach out to me below. 




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