BLIT Hybrid Training

The mission of BLIT's Hybrid training is to guide our awareness internally to strengthen connection with our inner world.

Using several yogic practices, we work together to connect the individual to their internal world, to bring about internal awareness with a compassionate and curious lense.

When we practice directing our awareness internally we can begin to create a strong neural pathway of curious self awareness. Having a strong compassionate selfawareness neural pathway can allow you to regularly check in with yourself throughout the day! When we are able to check in with ourselves routinely, we are able to drastically lower our stress levels. This routine self awareness checkin helps with lowering reactive patterned behaviors, strengthens our mind-body connection, helps regulate fight, flight, fawn and freeze responses also known as trauma responses, aids in stopping burnout tendencies, allows us space to become aware of excess energy expenditures throughout the day, helps strengthen intuition insights and follow those findings, along with many other benefits.


*Options for 60min or 90min sessions available

Flow of session (session flow may vary, dependent on your needs and goals):

1. Yoga Therapy (can include: yoga, weightlifting or pilates movement, breathwork and ayurveda education)

2. Cold Exposure

3. Infrared Sauna

4. Pranayama (Breathwork)

5. Meditation and Integration

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Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 12.14.42 PM.png
White Sand and Stone



Hybrid Pricing

  • 60 minute session @ $75 

  • 90 minute session @ $85

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